A merchant's wife in trouble

Adventures in Danzer!

The first few weeks have passed, with many events unfolding. Hearing news that a nearby merchant was a day or two later than anticipated, a group of adventurer’s ventured out. They were looking to investigate a simple matter, hoping to find a broken down wagon or perhaps a missing horse. Much to their surprise, they happened upon a wagon, charred, through and through. At this distance, they could see someone in simple robes moving around the ashes, seemingly growing in both concern and agitation.

Cautiously, the adventurers converged on the man rooting through the wagon. Greeting him, they quickly found he was a wandering monk, who felt a pulling eastward and happened across the wagon while traveling. He was checking the wagon for signs of struggle, or fighting. Upon inspection, it became apparent that this wasn’t an accident. The wagon had been burnt completely, with remains making it apparent someone had perished inside. After examining the area, it became clear that someone and the items contained inside the wagon had been dragged off the main road, before set ablaze.

As they turned to investigate deeper into the woods, a courier was seen rushing eastward, as if the devil himself was chomping at its heels. Stopping the courier briefly, they heard he had a dire message to his royal majesty, in Lothidda. Without so much as a dismissal, he resumed his journey with a new haste, as if the brief pause could have been the undoing of some great need.

Continuing into the deep of the woods, they ventured across a group of cavorting brigands, drinking merrily at their recent successes. Converging on some of the members, the adventurers quickly disabled a man, but not without raising alarm. After the alarm was raised a couple of the bandits rushed southward to where their compatriot had hollered. Upon arriving, they were quickly ambushed and defeated. Their morale was quite thoroughly broken, when a half-elf reached out with her scythe and deftly beheaded what could only be considered the leader of the entourage.

One scout had been sent to investigate the camp, wherein he encountered a woman quite beautiful. She was tied up and squirmed anxiously as he grew near. He ungagged her, only to hear her shriek in hushed tones, “We are not alone!” This drew some fright out of him, as indeed, a fellow came barreling out of the dark trying to stab him. The assaulter’s knife clattered out of his hand with such an ill-aimed attack, but he recovered and attempted to use the remains of a rum bottle as an improvised weapon.

In short order, the assaulting fellow was slain, the woman freed, and the scout rummaged through the camp of the ruffians. The adventurer found a pretty emerald ring and kept it to himself, being sure none saw his new found treasure. As a group, they caravaned to the nearby town, using the remaining thieves as carthorses of a sort, pulling the remnants of the merchant’s belongings to town.

When they arrived at town, they were greeted by the blacksmith and housed on his coin. They rested the night and woke to effusive thanks and payment from the smith. He was incredibly grateful for their saving of the woman and delivering the goods for his trade. They were then dispatched eastward with her, on the promise of more good coin and a relatively uneventful trip to the palace. Together, they embarked on what would unknowingly be a long and tiring adventure, filled with rich rewards and incredible experiences.



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