Poison, Tarot cards, and an impending invasion

Adventures in Danzer!

After fleeing the plagued land of Lothidda, the adventurers reached Sevan within a week’s travel. Shortly after returning to Sevan’s realm, the adventurers hurried to alert the king of what horrors had occurred in his neighboring land, Lothidda. As they moved towards the castle, they encountered a courier heading forth, into the barren kingdom as quickly as possible. The courier was stopped by Traice, forcefully removing the man from the saddle with a bit of a knock to the side, using his ring. The adventurers quickly explained to the man that Lothidda was lost to hordes of undead, and traveling the land was suicide. The messenger took this badly, looking crestfallen. Muttering to himself, “My blasted son decided to go off to the military, and this is the reward he gets?”

Turning back westward, he had the horse plod along with the adventurers, his eyes lowered. After a couple days, they could see the castle’s gates and rushed inward to inform Sevan’s king of Lothidda’s folly. Shortly after the adventurers sought an audience, one was granted, with very few guards. Fortunately, Ayaria rose from her sickness this day and was able to rejoin the party when they went to speak with the king. The king had a cloudy expression on their face when they entered, looking as if a 2 ton Roc had rested upon his shoulders. Beside him stood his advisors and the courier they had traveled with briefly.

There was a brief pause as the group entered, as each had the gravity of the situation refreshed when looking around the room. Quickly recounting events as the unfolded, they were stopped when they mentioned Selene. The king heard that name and interrupted their recounting to say, “My Selene? Where have you seen her? She’s been missing for several weeks.” There was a fair amount of confusion as they explained she was both the merchant’s claimed wife and the ruler of Lothidda’s. In disbelief, the king refused to hear any ill spoken words of her and urged the adventurers to continue their telling of events. Once they finished the king thanked them each and told them they were free to stay within the walls as long as they wished, although they might become trapped in due time.

Offering up their abilities, the adventurers dispersed into the town to either relax or assist in building preemptive battlements to deal with the impending invasion of an undead army. Kevros went with the clerics to fortify the religious protections and place symbols on the outer walls to forestall any weaker undead from setting foot within the gates. Traice went around the city to investigate for any store or library that might have some book on what magical artifacts may have been used to unleash the necrotic blast he saw. R’hawen went to a pub to relax and drink her sorrows away. Ayaria went to see if there was any place she could use her martial skills to aid.

While Ayaria was looking for anything in the city that would allow her to maintian her physique and test her skills with the locals, she encounterded the militia captain running a friendly competition to see who could outperform him in various feats of strength. After swiftly besting him with the bow, she quickly befriended him. They talked back in a pub at the end of the night and she found he used to be in charge of the kingdom’s knights, but passed the right on to the youth of this day and age (much to some folks’ disagreement). While having dinner with him, he was poisoned, and some tracks of the wrongdoers were found in the kitchen’s stores.

Swiftly departing, Ayaria and companions struck out to find those who aimed to remove one of the city’s remaining defenses, a natural leader of the people. Tracking back the poisoners to an abandoned house, Traice inspected the area. Seeing nothing of note, he took his first step on to the porch which was thoroughly trapped, much to his surprise. Setting off the trap caused the inhabitants to provide resistance at first, then forcing out Slaen, a small child they claimed poisoned the captain. After tossing Slaen from the second story window, the older bandits ran off into the night, one quickly killed by Ayaria’s bow and the other narrowly escaping death.

Seeing the youth on the ground, R’hawen felt semi-responsible for him and requested Kevros’s assistance in preventing his early demise. Slaen was badly injured after having been thrown a couple of stories. After Slaen was able to stand, he began to follow R’hawen at a distance, secretly wishing to be as strong, independent, and kind as her. When the group got back to town, Traice went to have his ring identified by the local magic shop, and met with a strange gnome, named Baldrin. He quickly took the ring, informed Traice it was a ring that allowed him to manipulate the world simply using his mind, and showed him how to use it correctly. Handing it back to him, he wandered off, walking up one wall and peering down at him, intently.

While Ayaria was talking to the militia captain, he spoke of an old Tarot card that had been handed down to him from his father. Supposedly it was a very powerful artifact, but as far as he could tell it was plain and useless. Traice, having looked around earlier for books on the crown Lothidda’s king put on, asked to see the card, in case it was related. Showing a few passages to the captain, there was a quick search and the card was handed over to Traice to inspect. While looking through the book, the evidence was inconclusive, so it was suggested Ayaria take it to Baldrin and see what he made of it. After seeing it, Baldrin snatched up the card and quickly retreated for the night claiming he needed to do lots of tests on it.

The next morning the card’s association with the crown was confirmed. The king then enlisted the aid of the adventurers in determing the uses of the cards and to come back and save the kingdom before they fall to the undead horde approaching from the east. Offering gold and supplies, they were quickly rushed by the king to the castle’s gate. By dawn, the horde was visible and the adventurers were ushered out, having promised to be back by the 60th sunrise from now. The king swore the city would not have fallen by that morning. The adventurer’s looked over their shoulders only temporarily, with the need for haste speeding their movements. They knew this wouldn’t be the last time they saw the castle, but they hoped the next time they saw it the battlements stood proud and a new king had yet to claim the throne.



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