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  • R'hawen

    R'hawen has had mystery surround her life, especially since an early age. Her earliest memory was finding a pouch with several gold in it, and at the door of a merchant's. At 10 years of age, she was confused and alone.

  • Kevros Smith

    A wandering monk pulled Eastward, swept up suddenly in events that changed all of Danzer.

  • Traice

    A bit light on his feet and quick to run, but reliable for those commonly called after as thieves. He's obtained a useful ring in his adventures, seemingly discarded treasure. Who would leave such an object under their bed? In addition, he's acquired an …

  • Parius Balloch

    Willing to talk when there might be alternatives to combat and suggests getting a job done in whatever way possible. The fastest and easiest path to resolution is best.

  • Ayaria Twinspirit

    A withdrawn individual, she seems to like the company of shadows better than her companions. For being one so familiar with shadowy companions, she has a very bold face when communicating interpersonally.

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