Aidis (CG) – Druid
The wandering lover

Flighty, yet caring, Aidis roams the lands looking for one to satisfy her desire for more. She yearns and seeks enlightenment, sharing what she’s found with all she meets. Twin of Lillith, she’s never understood her sister’s obsession with power. After her father abdicated the throne to Aidis, Lillith tore the kingdom asunder to wrest the crown from her head, wishing it for herself. Once the kingdom of Hrest was splintered, Aidis roamed the land helping those she could for several decades. After amassing a great army of heroes, she reunited the land and expelled Lillith from the throne, banishing her and her kin eternally. To this day, Lillith herself has been unable to step upon land of Hrest.

Long flowing gold locks ripple down Aidis’s voluptuous body. Her supple body maintains the flower of youth, unscarred by her many years. Her smile is warm and welcoming, rosy cheeks glowing, quite possibly from the honey-mead overflowing her flagon. Her clothing shows the many patches from of a well-loved and oft-warn clothing. Rather than appearing ragged, the eye-popping reds, blues, violets and yellows take the appearance of flowers in bloom on the verdant green frock.

Walking along the forest one day, she met with a stranger and became charmed by his mysterious nature and beguiling smile. After a few moons passed she was truly besotted and sought to consummate this love, upon which she found he was no longer of this earth. Summoning the powers necessary to restore his life gave her immense power, but not what was necessary to be reunite them.


Danzer Cimmone