Gods of Danzer

Elder Gods

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Lillith Lawful Evil Charm, Evil, Law, Nobility, Trickery
Grom Lawful Good Good, Healing, Law, Plant, Weather
Vrix Chaotic Evil Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Void
Aidis Chaotic Good Chaos, Good, Liberation, Protection, Sun
Strombarg Neutral Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Travel, Weather

Gods of the Divine Winds

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Aleleron Chaotic Evil Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil
Concrea Neutral Evil Death, Evil, Magic, Repose
Kinengo Yuwashi Neutral Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Neona Lawful Neutral Law, Scalykind, Strength, War
Qwinks Chaotic Neutral Luck, Trickery, Chaos[Whimsy], Travel
Suzy Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Madness, Moon, Sun Bec de corbin

Gods of the Great Flood

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Dumpling Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Charm, Madness, Void

Gods of the Brimstone Rain

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Aurum Chaotic Good Chaos[Azata], Fire, Good[Friendship], Travel[Exploration] Scythe
Ayaria Twinspirit Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Liberation, Strength, War Longbow
Kevros Smith Chaotic Neutral Artifice, Chaos, Glory, Protection Pepperbox (firearm)
Parius Balloch Lawful Good Animal, Community, Good, Law Shortbow
Traice Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Trickery Scimitar

Gods of the Endless Quake

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Amelia Chaotic Good Curse, Healing, Tactics, Time Flail
Gaven Lawful Neutral Artifice[Construct], Rage Earth breaker

Gods of Danzer

Danzer Cimmone