Grom (N) – Ranger/Cleric
The solemn observer

Originally from the depths of the Sharlean Forest, Grom was originally known as Lince Fairleaf. At the youthful age of a few hundred years, Fairleaf found an unlikely companion, a dwarvish druid pursuing a great evil from the underdark. The two of them worked together for many years following the evil necromancer. During their time together, they became very close, escaping more than one harrowing near death experience. In the last fight with the Lich, Grom gave his life and his collective power to Lince. Once imbued with Grom’s druidic abilities, Lince was able to dispatch the Lich, but wept for his dear companion. From those tears sprung the 4 great Oaks in Grom’s Haven. From hence onward, Lince took the name Grom as his own, in remembrance of his lost beau.

Grom aged greatly in his fight with the necromancer, having absorbed the life-force of an aged dwarf. As a result, he has a wizened appearance, with long silvery-grey strands of hair. Wrinkles line his forehead from many years of deep furrowed thought. His steel blue eyes regard one in an unyielding fashion, weighing their sins and benevolence, before meting out judgement. Grom wears a full set of dwarven mountain-plate, adding much size to his otherwise lithe appearance. He also holds a tower shield idly in his off-hand, emblazoned with the symbol of his church, a lightning strike.

Grom waged war with a Lich, added by his dearest friend. In order to destroy the last vestiges of the Lich’s phylactery, a sacrifice was necessary, and his friend gave it without hesitation. In doing so, Grom absorbed immense magical power released both by the phylactery and his friend’s spirit. Grom left that battle wiser, more powerful, and a great deal more somber.


Danzer Cimmone