Lillith (LE) – Wizard Enchanter/Necromancer/Illusionist Specialist
The deadly beauty

As malicious as she is mysterious, her plans are rarely known to any other. One of the eldest gods, her worshippers have been hiding among the various churches for milllenia, spreading her will quietly and efficiently. It’s rumored Aidis and Lillith were siblings, but Aidis was a naturally charismatic leader and skilled with arms earning the favor of their father. Lillith is known for tearing the kingdom asunder upon the death of her father and the crowning of Aidis. Several centuries passed before the damage wrought was righted.

Lillith has a bright pearly skin tone which contrasts sharply to the midnight black hair and scarlet eye color. Her willowy frame gives her a vulnerable appearance, complemented by the silky, opulent dress she always appears in. The naive beauty she broadcasts hides the sinuous nature lying beneath. When the veil is pierced, one can see has a foreboding appearance, but few rarely see her true nature and live to speak of it.

It’s rumored that Lillith made a pact with a devil at a young age for immortality and great power. Supposedly, when the devil came to collect on this debt, she claimed his life and power, growing strong enough to walk among the stars.


Danzer Cimmone