Strombarg (LG) – Sorcerer/Chronomancer
The stationary wanderer

When a dwarven mining party breached a new cavern, they encountered a living stone, later to be found the progenitor of the Oread. Upon reaching adolescence, Strombarg set out to find more of his kind. His pilgrimage was for naught, however, since none of his kind remained in this world. By invoking powers of old, he pulled his predecessors from history to the present day. His search and conquest of chronological and spatial magic makes him the only practitioner of Chronomagic, a rune-based long-forgotten magic. Strombarg’s secret sanctum is rumored to have untold power, offering the ability to pull objects and items from history to the person tethered to now, or perhaps even more should one master it.

Strombarg’s body looks as if chiselled from marble, a dark statue looking ready to roam the room at the slightest provocation. His eyes are a milky-white,
sharply contrasting the shades of his form. His eyes always focus on some far distant object rather than what’s immediately in front of him. Strombarg has little beyond a simple black cloak adorning him and a haversack upon his shoulders.

Once Strombarg learned the magical arts necessary to enact Chronomagic, he brought all of his future, past, and present magical might to him. It’s rumoured he could not become any more powerful than he already has, but none have dared to find out exactly how powerful that is.


Danzer Cimmone