Vrix (CE) – Antipaladin
The plague-bearing slaughterer

When Vrix was a youth, he had much potential. He joined the militia and quite quickly rose above his peers due to his fast reflexes and cunning mind. After a couple years, he was put in charge of the town’s guard, a great honor for one with so few years. One ill-fated day, however, a great plague struck the village. It ravaged the townsfolk, causing a slow debilitating lethargy and ache in the joints. After a few weeks, the pain grows to intolerable, but for some it was swifter. Once caught, no magic nor cure was capable of removing this plague. Vrix sought a cure and found the Witch who had cursed his village to this slow painful death.

In a vicious battle, Vrix managed to slay her, but she left a powerful curse upon him. Once Vrix returned the village, he found that everyone had recovered from the virulent disease but himself. Upon entering the village he reached out and embraced a childhood friend. This friend immediately writhed in agony, his body convulsing and contorting like a demon possesed him. Swiftly dying at Vrix’s feet, everyone saw that Vrix had brought the disease with him, becoming a plague-bearer. Fleeing in terror, the commoners tried to escape their fate, but it was too late, within hours, everyone had died. Vrix had been left with this curse, eternally in unimaginable pain, and surrounded by death that would not claim him. As a result, he’s sought to end all pain in the world by eliminating those who can experience it. Unfortunately, this is everyone.

Before one even lays eyes upon Vrix, the sickly-sweet smell of decay fills your senses. Once your eyes clear from the acrid stench, one can see a heavily cloaded figure, hiding most of his features behind layers upon layers of clothing. The few visible feathers vary in color and drip a thick pus to the ground. Every drop of pus intantly kills any vegetation it touches, leaving a trail of decay behind him. His eyes are thoroughly haunted, as he looks past you, unable to focus on something more than momentarily. His head has large areas of feathers missing, where a bubbling skin lies instead, actively squirming close to bursting.

In the fight with the witch, Vrix was cursed with an eternal half-life, unable to die, yet bringing death to all those near him. He’s carried this with him and brought kingdoms to their end simply by walking the streets, absorbing and corrupting their life essence, making his diseases ever stronger.


Danzer Cimmone